Friday, May 10, 2013

Six Months [A little late]

***I kept forgetting to get this post written right after Reese turned six months, then I figured I’d wait until she had her check up and I could share her stats, and then she turned seven months. Oops!***


2013-04-07 001


At six months this little girl sparkles all the time! She loves to smile and her eyes light up so much when she does! At her six month check up (which was actually closer to 7 months), she was 26” long, 15.4 pounds and her head 17” around. This means she’s a petite little lady with a big head!


2013-04-07 012


She’s a great sleeper at night! Desperate to eat dinner by 7:30 so she can be put to bed right after. She sleeps 12 hours straight through and then wakes up DESPERATE to eat. Naps are getting pretty consistent—a morning nap that’s 45-60 minutes and an afternoon nap that’s 1-2 hours, and sometimes a late afternoon nap as well.


2013-04-07 027


She loves everything we feed her—veggies, squash and fruit.


2013-04-07 084


She LOVES to play with her toys—rattles being her favorite. If it shakes and makes noise, you can guarantee she’ll love it. Although these toys get tossed to the side the second she spots what her brother is holding and she starts frantically reaching for it.


2013-04-07 094


She can sit up all by herself now and is so proud of the skill. She skipped tri-pod sitting and went straight to balancing upright.


2013-04-07 100


This child can make some noise! She loves to happily scream and yell, but will only laugh for her brother, and even then he has to work hard for it.


2013-04-07 126


Her doctor described her as a chubby skinny baby—she has some adorable rolls although she’s definitely a lightweight.


2013-04-07 156


Her thumb is her best friend and we’re pretty thankful for it!

We love this little lady!

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