Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Fun Trip to OMSI

Our friends Katie and Alex have passes to OMSI, so they invited me, Jace and Mary to come up to Portland and enjoy one of my first days as a stay-at-home-mom.

2011-12-07 006

Alex and Jace thought this vacuums and balls room was really cool.

2011-12-07 016

Katie helping Jace shoot a ball from a tube.

2011-12-07 021

Jace and Mary.

2011-12-07 030

Another room had all sorts of fun stations for the kids to play at. Jace LOVED the water tables…

2011-12-07 031

…but he thought the water was for drinking. After I stopped him from treating it like a drinking fountain, he would scoop it with his hands and suck it off his fingers.

2011-12-07 033

SO we went and played in a ball pit for a while instead.

2011-12-07 038

Alex spent just about the whole time play in a squirrels exhibit, collecting nuts and putting them in a nest.

2011-12-07 047

And posing in a giant tree.

2011-12-07 045

Jace also thought the giant sandbox with big tractors was pretty great.

2011-12-07 053

As we were getting ready to leave he noticed a big block station and went back and forth between it and…

2011-12-07 060

…a giant steering wheel (it was attached to a propeller above him, but he never noticed that).

2011-12-07 066

Heading back to the car and having fun jumping with Mary and Mommy.

2011-12-07 073

Checking out the trains on the tracks by the parking lot.

2011-12-07 081

He has officially mastered the cheesy smile for pictures.

2011-12-07 083

Me and my dear friend Katie at McDonalds for ice cream before heading home.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Some December Life

I just couldn’t resist having some fun with Jace, the lights and my camera before decorating the tree…

2011-11-25 012

2011-11-25 018

2011-11-25 025

Giving his precious Nowie a kiss.

2011-11-26 049

Leading worship with the kinder-third graders on my last Sunday on staff at Morning Star.

2011-12-05 035

Saying “Cheese!”

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Tree Hunting We Went

As has become our tradition, the day after Thanksgiving we headed out to breakfast and then went tree hunting.

2011-11-24 006

For the second year in a row, Nolan’s parents joined us.

2011-11-24 016

We go to one of the few tree farms in Albany, Volsteads, and LOVE the experience there.

2011-11-24 036

You ride in a tractor pulled wagon out to the right tree lot for the size and type you’re looking for.

2011-11-24 041

It’s fun because they take you past barns and fields of animals.

2011-11-24 070

Then it’s a matter of heading out into the trees to find the perfect one.

2011-11-24 077

And, of course, you have to check out the birds along the way.

2011-11-24 092

Then hauling the tree back out to wait for the wagon to come by and pick you up.

2011-11-24 096

We have yet to be rained on during our tree hunt and love it!

2011-11-24 117

Back at the entrance to the farm, it’s fun to check out the model train and have some hot chocolate while waiting for the tree to be shaken and bailed.

family picture

What a perfect day for family pictures!

front family edit

Jace thought the whole experience was really cool.

jace in trees

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fall Holidays

Before we get to the holidays, I have to show you one of Jace’s favorite things to do…

2011-10-25 018

He loves to sit on our bottom step. One evening, he hadn’t made any noise for a little while, and I found him laying like this.

2011-10-28 003

For Halloween I made Jace an Elmo costume. We had a movie night at church the Friday before, and the theme was super heroes, so I went as Super Grover and added a cape to Jace’s costume so he could be Super Elmo.

2011-10-31 004  2011-10-31 034

He was pretty proud of his costume.

2011-10-31 072

Our first time trick or treating made him a little nervous. It didn’t help that he had shots that day and ended the evening with a fever.

2011-10-31 079

Watching a movie with Daddy while Mommy handed out candy.

2011-10-31 082

Our Muppet family.

2011-11-24 007

Thanksgiving was at Jared and Rayanna’s with the Nelsons and Kneppers. Jace LOVED Aunt Rayanna’s dolly highchair from when she was little. This is a typical moment between Jace and Nowie, his kitty. He loves to chew on her face.

2011-11-24 021

An attempt at a family photo.

2011-11-24 026

Jace, Nowie and Daddy hanging out.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pumpkin Patching

While my mom was in town, she, Anna and I thought it would be fun to go to the pumpkin patch. If only Jace had understood that a big chunk of the fun for mom is the picture taking…

2011-10-24 002

Siah, Micah and Cami found a worm on the ground FASCINATING while Jace was just interested in being on the move.

2011-10-24 004

Our best attempt at a group photo…

2011-10-24 010

Jace was happy to walk through the corn maze with his “Na.”

2011-10-24 019

Another attempt at a group photo… Jace didn’t think it was worth posing for.

2011-10-24 031

At least these four were happy!

2011-10-24 039

Another attempt, “These are my angry eyes.” (I heard Mrs. Potato Head from Toy Story’s voice as I wrote that.)

2011-10-24 049

Jace thought pumpkins were pretty cool.

2011-10-24 054

Let’s try this again.

2011-10-24 074

A stop at E-Z Orchards meant a lot of fun with tractors!

2011-10-24 079


2011-10-24 089

If only he had legs long enough to pedal…