Thursday, December 9, 2010

10 Months, Take 2

After a nap, lunch and bath, I was able to get some successful pictures of Jace in his chair (oh, and Tigger helped too).

2010-12-09 003

He actually sat still and smiled for me!

2010-12-09 011

Jace has recently adopted this Tigger as his favorite toy. He drags Tigger by the tail all over the house.

2010-12-09 013

Doing a one handed, “So big!”

2010-12-09 020

And then Tigger’s tail made its way into Jace’s mouth.

2010-12-09 021

And then Jace decided he was done having his picture taken.

And then he had a bottle and went down for another nap.

In other news, our little guy is now 31 inches long! This kiddo just keeps growing. He’s pulling himself up to stand at everything, tries to mimic our sounds, and just entertains us right and left.

Monday, December 6, 2010

10 Months Old!

Jace turned 10 months on Friday. He was in jammies all day because we were having a Family Movie Night at church that night and watching “Polar Express.” All the kids were invited to come in pj’s, which meant Jace had to too! Plus, we like jammies days in this house (or at least Jace and I do, and Nolan was working, so yay for jammies!). All that to say, this month’s pictures are in the cute, new, Christmas jammies my friend Mary bought Jace.

Oh, and they’re blurry.

2010-12-03 002

I think God gave this kid an extra dose of personality.

2010-12-03 006

Did I say personality? This child is crazy!

2010-12-03 007

He loves to make random noises and move in funny ways that he thinks are hilarious. We’re not sure what made him start to do these things, but he thinks they’re especially funny in his highchair or in Daddy’s lap when he should be getting sleepy.

2010-12-03 010

And he’s realized just how fun it is to climb on things and stand up.

2010-12-03 013

He knows what he wants, and he’d better get it or else we get to hear quite the squeal.

2010-12-03 015

Tonight, while I was in the kitchen, he made up his mind that it was time to eat. So he’d look at me and make loud fussing noises. Then he’d look at Nolan and smile or laugh. Then back to me to fuss. He also has mastered the scowl.

2010-12-03 018

He never stops moving.

2010-12-03 024

He’s always exploring.

2010-12-03 029

But, seriously, such a happy child.

2010-12-03 030

He just refuses to sit still for his monthly pictures in the chair.

2010-12-03 032

And it makes me wonder, how in the world did my sister-in-law ever get her kids to sit nice and still for their pictures?

(This last picture was of his third attempt to just dive off the chair, thus ending our photo session. Maybe we can try again when he’s sleepy? Or Daddy’s around? Or maybe if I tied him to the chair and we just didn’t expect a smile?)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thank You Grandma!

This may be a video only a grandma can enjoy... Jace says, "Thanks for the ornament and doggy, Grandma!"

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Family Tree Hunt

The day after Thanksgiving has become our traditional tree hunting day and we were so excited to have Jace outside of me this year! We invited Nolan’s parents down to join us for the day. We started out by going out to breakfast at Elmer’s (I would go out for breakfast every day if I could). Jace enjoyed his graham crackers.
2010-11-25 020
Nolan’s parents, Jack and Becky
2010-11-25 021
I love this guy!
2010-11-25 022
On the wagon ride out to the tree lot. Jace was tired, a little cold, and not so sure about what to think.
2010-11-25 025
He enjoyed riding in the backpack on my back
2010-11-25 026
We were happy it only lightly sprinkled on us!
2010-11-25 027
Nolan starting to cut down the tree. I’m glad I snapped this picture when I did, because right after taking it, I walked back a ways to get a tree wagon. By the time I got back, Nolan and Jack had the tree down and in the pathway waiting for me!
2010-11-25 030
It was great having Jack there to help Nolan. He’s much stronger than I am! Plus it’s fun for them to have father-son time.
tree hunt 1
Nolan hauling the tree out.
2010-11-25 038
Jace LOVED the cows! He makes this awkward noise when he gets excited to see our pets, and he made the same noise, plus some squeals, for the cows.
2010-11-25 040
Hanging out with Grandma in the greenhouse, looking at a model train, while waiting for the tree to be shaken and tied to the car.
2010-11-25 0432010-11-25 0492010-11-25 050
Back at home Jace was more interested in the lights than the tree.
2010-11-25 051
Happily letting Grandpa hold him (quite the contrast from the day before).
2010-11-25 056
Family picture in front of the tree!
tree hunt 2