Friday, June 10, 2011

A Good Little Napper

Jace was having a very happy morning—contentedly playing and entertaining himself while occasionally wanting to just sit in my lap and play with a remote or read a book. We hadn’t hit the grumpies yet (our signal that it’s time for a nap), but he started getting more insistent about wanting my coffee. To distract him, I asked, “Do you want your binkie?” and got it off the kitchen counter. Instead of taking it from me, he walked to the stairs, shook the baby gate and said, “ni-ni".” I gave him the binkie and his blankie (which he immediately rested his head on) and put him to bed without a fuss at all. I love what a good napper he is becoming!


2011-05-27 006


This picture is of our morning routine—Jace enjoys a breakfast of milk and a waffle in the recliner, while Toby begs.


***Disclaimer: Not all naps are this easy. He’s really good at waiting until he’s in his crib to poop, and then won’t fall asleep.***

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This is Our Life

In case you’re wondering why you haven’t seen much on this blog these days…


2011-05-31 007


This is Jace’s reaction every time I get the camera out. He just loves the camera so much. He’d rather play with it than let me take pictures.


But when he isn’t trying to take all things button/electronic from us (remotes, cell phones, cameras, key boards, laptops…), he can be found saying “Gar-Gar” (car), “bagckle” (buckle, and both these words are more barked than said), “naa, naa” (snack), “Da-ye” (Daddy), “Toh-ee” (Toby and said very deeply), making all sorts of animal noises, and silly face after silly face. This child is so expressive!