Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November Happenings

Here's Nolan and both cats... they LOVE joining either of us on the recliner. Tonight while Nolan was trying to use his laptop Wylie joined him first (on the left). Wylie understands that with the laptop there, it's best to sit beside it. Sophie, on the other hand, isn't quite as respectful and loves to sit on bellies (which isn't always so fun for me).
Here I am at 29 weeks. This baby just keeps growing! I'm pretty sure he's tap dancing in there with full arm swings. I could definitely tell when the third trimester hit... suddenly I'm much more tired and much less comfortable.
We've been going to birth class on Monday nights (fun side note--our instructor went to our family's church when I was little and remembered our family). Here's all the dads. Last week I realized that Michelle Obama's brother and his wife are in our class (he's the basketball coach for OSU). He's the tall guy in the middle of this picture. Last night was the last class until we have a reunion after all the babies are born.

All the mommies, lined up from due the soonest to latest. our class was large because this is the last one for anyone due in January or February to take, so we had three months of due dates represented.

And, on another great note, we sold the Corolla exactly one week after listing it!