Wednesday, June 13, 2012

28 Months & 24 Weeks

Hard to believe my babies are 28 months and 24 weeks… both are growing so much these days (although one can been seen from the outside and the other can be felt from my inside).

Last night before falling asleep, I realized I had three favorite moments during the day (none of which are related to the pictures below).

2012-05-14 051
One day after work Nolan got himself some chips and salsa for a snack. Jace climbed up on the couch next to him, wiggled up close like you see above, and helped himself to A LOT of Nolan’s chips, all dipped multiple times in the salsa.

Favorite Moment #1: After cleaning up Jace after lunch, I told him it was nap time and he started WAILING that he wanted to go outside. Normally when he fights bed time he does everything he can to get away from going upstairs. I got him out of his chair, put him down and expected to have to force him upstairs. Instead, he grabbed Nowie (his stuffed kitty) and, while still sobbing, headed up the stairs to his room. I guess he knew he needed the sleep but figured he at least didn’t have to be happy about it.

2012-06-06 043
I got him a bubble blowing lawn mower at Walmart a week ago and he LOVES it. All he wants to do is go in the backyard and mow the lawn. The morning after he got it, the first thing he said to me when I went to get him up was “Jace a-pay in the yard? Mow the yard?”

Favorite Moment #2: Usually when I get Jace up in the morning or after a nap, he’s laying in his bed just playing with whatever is in there with him. He’ll typically roll over as soon as he sees me and yell, “Jace a-tired! Jace seeping!” and then pretend to still sleep. It takes a while to get him out of bed. This time, though, he started calling, “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” and quickly stood up, reached for me and gave me a hug while patting my back. Until this week, he’s pretty much lacked in the affection area, so this was especially precious.

2012-06-06 052
Jace LOVES doing art projects. We have his crayons out all the time on his little table. I had some friends over to do craft projects with our kids and Jace LOVED drawing with colored pencils and then painting with Mod Podge.

Favorite Moment #3: After rocking, singing and praying with Jace before bed, I asked for a kiss like I do every time I put him to bed. Usually he either offers me his forehead or cheek for me to kiss, or pretends to kiss me through his pacifier. This time, he took out his binki and actually gave me a kiss.

2012-06-10 003
Our house is being re-sided this week, so Jace has especially loved playing with his hammer. He pounds on EVERYTHING very passionately and yells, “Jace a-knock on house!!!”

2012-06-13 014

Reese is growing quickly and moving tons. I can feel how much stronger she’s getting! We’re now at 24 weeks, so well past half way. I’ve seen a few people post progress updates on their blogs using this form, so I thought I would too.

How far along? 24 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: about 12 lbs.
Maternity clothes? All I can wear! I love my maternity pants and need the length and room of maternity tops.
Stretch marks? No. I didn’t get many with Jace and all of them faded away pretty quickly. I’m hoping for that again this time!
Sleep: I’m sleeping pretty well for the most part—waking up around 2 and 6 am to go to the bathroom. My legs just below my hip sockets to start aching A LOT if I lay on one side too quickly, and it’s especially painful when I’m not sleeping as deeply after the 6 am bathroom visit.
Best moment this week: Reese was flailing up a STORM the other night and Nolan got to really feel her kicking. Jace was more of a kick and punch kind of kid, while she feels like her WHOLE BODY gets into these movements.
Have you told family and friends: Oh yes.
Miss Anything? Being able to do more than a few things before being completely worn out or sore, getting up and down from the ground easily, cuddling with Jace comfortably.
Movement: She has her busier days and her calmer days. It’s like she wears herself out and then needs more rest time. As said above, she seems to FLAIL in there. It’s nice being able to tell how much stronger she is getting. Up until this week she’s also been sitting really low with all her kicks being felt very low, but now she’s moved up in my belly.
Food cravings: Nothing too specific, but once I get an idea of sweets I really need to have some. So I’ve made many more cookies and treats in this pregnancy than I normally do. I also, as it was with Jace, really enjoy eating salads.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Even though I’ve been on Prilosec for my heartburn for 10 weeks now, I can see how my acid reflux is getting worse. Most nights after dinner I feel like everything could just come back up, as though I’ve drunk too much water. Once I’m laying down a small burp can result in things actually coming up (ick! Sorry if that’s TMI for you!)
Have you started to show yet: Most definitely. I hope I’m unmistakably pregnant.
Gender prediction: I predicted girl and I was right!
Labor Signs: Thankfully none and hoping it stays that way for at least 13 more weeks!
Belly Button in or out?  In. It never came out during my pregnancy with Jace.
Wedding rings on or off? On. I take them off every night just I case I have swelling, but so far so good.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy. Pregnancy tends to even out my moods.