Monday, September 6, 2010

I was Featured!

I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how exciting this is for me! The headband and ruffle shirt I made for Hannah (and the fact that I had Jace model the shirt) have been featured on Little Miss Momma! Ashley had a super fun headband week, and I joined the link up part.

Why is this oh, so exciting for me? Because I am a blog-stalker-extraordinaire! I have been watching and watching and bookmarking and bookmarking for who knows how long. I click on so many of the features from the weekly parties on countless blogs and always admire the ladies and what they come up with.

And then, not that long ago, these link up parties inspired me to renew my love of all things crafty and start a blog about what I make so I don’t over-crowd our family blog with ruffles (gotta keep my brothers actually wanting to read about our family happenings). And then, I started linking up too because those parties are so much fun… and now, I’m being featured! This is seriously so exciting for me (as if you couldn’t already tell).

Ah, what a perfect way to end a long weekend… That’s all.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

7 Months Old!!!

2010-09-03 005

My little boy is growing up way too quickly! He is such a fun little guy (although “little doesn’t describe him as well as it used it). He is quick to give anyone and everyone a smile. He LOVES to jump. Ever since we got a jumperoo, he thinks he should be able to jump everywhere… his exersaucer, our laps, wherever he’s sitting… He’s 29 inches and weighs 19 pounds (an almost 2 pound weight gain since last month!). He can sit for a long time, playing and wiggling around. He’s starting to scoot around a lot more and is quick to flip from his back to his tummy (which he just discovered he can do in his crib, making nap time much more fun!).

Josiah and Cami spent Friday night and all of Saturday with us this past weekend, and Jace LOVED taking a bath with Cami! It was his first time in the big tub (we still use his infant/toddler tub) and he thought he was in a swimming pool. He started splashing instantly and just kept splashing and splashing. Cami was more into her bubbles than she was into playing with Jace. That just meant Jace got to have more fun watching and splashing her.

We love our little 7 month old!

2010-09-04 007

More Summer Fun

Our summer has wrapped up with lots of fun!

One afternoon, I heard Jace fussing quite a bit after putting him down for a nap… he’s gotten his arm under his bumper before, but this time he went a little further and just couldn’t figure out how to get back out…

2010-08-16 002

Jace LOVES to eat! He got a little messy while eating a biter biscuit one day (also, note the puff hanging from his chin)

2010-08-20 007

Toby loves his Jace! One morning while Nolan and I were getting ready, Jace was just lounging on our bed. Pretty soon, Toby had to join him.

2010-08-23 010

My friend, Ashley, has been watching Jace at her in-home daycare since he was 3 months old. Because of state regulations for how many kids under 2 years old she can watch, August was our last month of having her watch him. Her son, Owen, loves his ‘Jacey Poo” and Jace thinks Owen is pretty cool too. This was on his last day at Ashley’s.

 2010-08-25 017

Ashley’s daughter, Khloe, is six months older than Jace. This was on her birthday.

jace and khloe

Tim came to visit for a week. All of us siblings and our families got together for a dinner at Dan and Anna’s and s’mores over the fire pit. We had a great time! Here are Mike and Amanda.

2010-08-28 002

Tim and Nolan.

2010-08-28 004 

Dan and Micah.

2010-08-28 005

Cami had to have her pink hat, purse and blankie to enjoy the fire.

2010-08-28 010

Jace and Mommy.

 2010-08-28 015

Josiah, Anna and Jace. Jace loves his cousins, aunt and uncles!

2010-08-28 016 

Tim, Nolan, Jace and Toby heading out for a walk.

2010-08-30 002 

Tim and Jace the night before he went back to Maryland. They had a lot of fun together.

2010-08-30 005 2010-08-30 006 2010-08-30 007