Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Smart Husband

Tomorrow (April 24) Nolan will be taking an 8 hour math test! He'll be taking his Professional Engineer's Exam (the PE) to become licensed to do his own engineering work. Currently, everything he does has to be signed off on by his boss. This test is like the Bar Exam for lawyers, and the CPA for accountants. He's been studying for about six months now every evening and whenever he has time at work. His books are loaded in the car (he has about 90 pounds of books to take with him), his backpack is full of snacks, calculators and a ruler, and his GPS is programmed and ready to go. He may not think so, but I'm sure his brain is also set and ready to think! It'll be up to three months before he hears back if he passes or not. I'll be praying for him and I hope you will too!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beautiful Weather!

We have had a beautiful weather weekend! Our new dog is officially named Toby and we had fun enjoying the weather with him. On Friday night our friends the McCallisters had us over for dinner, and were kind enough to let Toby come too. They have a standard poodle named Zoe, and Toby thought he'd met a long lost aunt. The two had fun running laps around the living room. It was the happiest we'd seen Toby yet.

Then Saturday morning we made a trip to Petco with him to get a free consultation with a trainer and once again, he did great! He loved the car ride (as long as it's daylight) and wasn't too shy or nervous in the store. Next we visited the vet where he was given a great bill of health (even though he was shaking and drooling out of nervousness). He spent the afternoon in our front yard with me as I weeded, and then we took a walk and discovered how good he is on a leash!

Today (Sunday) it was 70 degrees! Nolan's brother called us saying he and his family would be stopping in Albany on their way to take our nephew, Aidan, back to his mom. We met up with them at Timer Linn Park here in Albany and wondered why we've never visited it before. Aidan and Uncle Nolan had fun on the playground, and then after they all left, Nolan and I took Toby walking around the park (as seen below). All in all, it was a wonderful weekend!