Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Weekend

Nolan and I had our nice date on Friday... he came home from work bearing roses and a large box of KitKat bars, and then took me to Cascade Grill (new, nice restaurant by our house) and then out to a movie. And today we took it easy! Lucy (my Early Childhood Director at church) covered our Saturday service, and we didn't have community group tonight (which we normally have after Saturday service), so we stayed home all day! We slept in, cuddled with Josie, Nolan took her for a walk while I made pancakes, and watched 4 movies. I also finally started our wedding scrapbook... it's only taken close to three years! This has been a wonderful day!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Getting Crafty

Someone had commented that the messenger bags I made for Christmas would make good diaper bags. Thursday we had a baby shower for two girls in my Bunco Group (they're due the same day!). I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try my hand at making diaper bags. Of course, when I went to make the bag Wednesday night I couldn't find the pattern from the messenger bags anywhere! So I had to improvise. I made the bag a little bigger than I meant to, but fortunately Kristin, the mommy-to-be, has a toddler already and needs space!

Kristin LOVES animal print, so I was excited to find the pink zebra print at Joanne Fabrics!

I made the front flap too long, so one of the ladies I work with suggested sewing it up to create a pocket on the front.

Because I made the bag so big, I didn't have enough material for all the pockets, but the fabric I used for Rayanna's bag matched well! The bag has two bottle pockets, a long pocket the length of the back, one slightly smaller in front of that pocket, and two smaller pockets in front of that.

Kristin with her bag. The other mommy-to-be is going to pick out some material so I can make one for her too! I use the home decorating fabric at Joanne's because it's pretty sturdy. My Joanne's in Albany has GREAT selection!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A friendship is forming!

While Josie really wants to be friends with Wylie and Sophie, the cats just aren't sure what to think of her yet. And just when we think we're making progress and the cats start to approach Josie, she'll jump up to go see them, which, in turn, sends the kitties flying up the stairs. There have been times where all it took was Josie looking at Sophie to elicit a hiss from her. Or Josie will just be laying peacefully, and Wylie will assume something is wrong, arch his back and go running away. All of this avoidance just causes Josie to cry... she just wants to be their friend! But we made progress yesterday. Josie stayed calm around the cats, and at one point, Sophie sniffed Josie's tail while Josie was still awake!
Nolan stayed home today because of a cold, and decided to let Josie on the bed (we're pretty sure her former owner always let her on the bed because of how quickly she gets comfortable and falls asleep up there). Wylie must have decided that the bed made Josie safer, and actually approached her confidently. Nolan later texted me that Wylie was batting at Josie's tail, then her paw, and finally they sniffed each other's noses! Then he sent me this picture. Oh how happy this makes me!
We'd been warned that it could take six months to a year for the cats to accept Josie. I love how quickly they're progressing!