Friday, November 9, 2012

One Month!

One Month 1


Our little lady turned one month on Monday. And since then, she’s really liked being held and made it difficult for me to get anything typed up about it!


One Month 2


We’ve had a great first month with Reese. Her first two or three weeks she pretty much just slept all the time. She’d wake up to eat and then go right back to sleep. At three weeks, though, she seemed to wake up and enjoy the world around her. She likes to rotate between laying on the floor and kicking and waving her arms (she doesn’t stop moving), laying on my lap and swinging. She’s also recently decided it’s ok to enjoy time with her Daddy again and gives him the biggest smiles.


One Month 3


Her first smiles came just shy of being four weeks old, and the are adorable! She tracks well with her eyes and especially loves to watch her brother move around her. It’s pretty precious just how aware of each other they are. Jace’s love and fascination of her has not lessened since she was born. First thing he asks me in the morning is, “Where’s Reese, Mommy?” And he has to go look at her while she sleeps. I’ve found toys that he tosses in the crib with her because, obviously, she needs something to entertain her.


One Month 4


This lady loves to eat. She eats every two hours during the day (and sometimes, if she fusses enough, she gets to eat even more often!), and at night she usually sleeps a 4 or 5 hour stretch followed by a 2 or 3 hour stretch, and then a nap after that. She was refusing to go to sleep before 1 am until the time change happened and now tends to be in bed by 11 or midnight, which makes this mommy very happy.


One Month 5


She does really well with riding in her car seat and sleeps through running errands in either her seat or the Ergo baby carrier. I was pretty proud of myself the other day because I managed a trip to Joann’s with Reese in the carrier and Jace in the cart.


One Month 6


She does bore with just about anything pretty quickly and keeps us on our toes with quickly finding new ways to entertain her. But she’s just so cute and sweet we don’t mind.


One Month 7


We love this little lady and are so glad she’s a part of our family!


Jace and Reese at 1 month


And just a little comparison—Jace and Reese in the same chair (just made over) at one month old. Obviously my photography skills have improved a bit, but it also shows that Jace was much more difficult to get to sit still in the chair. He definitely moved more than she does.