Friday, May 15, 2009

A Very Beachy Post

We've been having a nice spring. Nolan survived his test and I'm sure he passed it (even though we won't know the results until late June/July). I had a great birthday, especially going to the beach with Anna and the kids the next day! And we enjoyed celebrating our anniversary at the Hallmark Resort in Newport last weekend. It was so much fun to be able to take Toby with us. Poor thing, though, he gets carsick, so the trip over wasn't without challenges. We stopped once because he was drooling so much in an effort to calm him down. Then we stopped again when he threw up. And then we stopped for about an hour because there was an accident and they weren't letting traffic through. At least we were able to let Toby out (on his leash of course), and Nolan was able to get wireless signal on his laptop! It was nice for him to be able to check how long detours would take and be reassured that we were doing the right thing in just waiting for them to clear the road. We finally made it to Newport and had a great time!

Cami ate what might have been her first Oreo on our way to the coast!
I could get her to smile, just not look at the camera!
Micah playing in the sand
Josiah climbing
Nolan checking Map quest on our way to the beach
We were too late to get a nice dinner, so we settled for McDonald's instead
Toby standing in the wind outside our hotel. We had him on a 16 ft. retractable leash, so he felt free
The view from our room
Introducing Toby to the beach. He likes to stand against us
Happily Married!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Three Years Ago Today...

We got married! It has been a wonderful three years! In some ways I can't believe it's already been three years, but mostly, it seems like we've always been married. We faced a lot in the first year--buying a house, me starting a new position at work, a hospital stay, my parents moving away, and lots of great memories. After that everything has been pretty calm! It's exciting to think of all our next year of marriage could bring.

I am blessed to have such a sweet and wonderful husband who loves the Lord so much and honors Him through the way that he leads our family. He is a man I respect, and he doesn't let me just get my way! Here's looking back at the past three years...
Honeymoon in Hawaii
Fourth of July, 2007 (oops! out of order!)

Our first Christmas as a married couple & in our house! December 2006
Visiting DC for our 1 year anniversary (and Tim's end of Pleeb Year)

Visiting Mount Vernon, May 2007
Christmas with our kitties, Sophie & Wylie, 2007
Summer vacation in Cambria, here we are at Hearst's Castle, July 2008
Once again in DC, this time for Thanksgiving in 2008