Sunday, April 24, 2011


2011-04-24 024


Our Easter Sunday was off to a really quick start when I woke up to the sound of Jace coughing over the monitor. I wondered why it was so light before 6… turns out it was 6:48, the time we were supposed to be leaving the house for church! I was very thankful to have taken the time to gather everything together the night before! 20 minutes later and we were out the door (I did my makeup in the car). The only thing we forgot were Jace’s shoes (which we’d been up late searching for one of the night before).


We had three really nice services at church (Nolan and I enjoyed attending one of them together!) and it was so fun to see all the little kids in their Sunday best. I do have to say, though, I think Jace was the cutest one there!


After church we headed to lunch at Marie Callenders with Rayanna and Jared. Jace ended the lunch by walking around the restaurant yelling happy noises at everyone.


2011-04-24 001

I loved having a coordinated little family! I made my Easter dress this year (I tell you about it on my craft blog here), and then our friend Mary went shopping with me and bought Jace’s little outfit. It has stripes that match my dress. And Nolan got a new white polo. This was the little Easter family I’ve always dreamed of!


2011-04-24 003

Jace is really good at telling us when he wants to leave. He points toward a door, waves bye-bye, points again, and then starts grunting.


2011-04-24 005

Our sleepy little boy on the way home.


2011-04-24 033

Jace’s Easter basket—eggs from a basket Mary got him (that he discovered earlier in the week), a magnadoodle for our upcoming trip to Maryland, a toothbrush and fruit snacks (his absolute favorite).


2011-04-24 035

Getting into his basket


2011-04-24 036

SO excited about the fruit snacks!


2011-04-24 043

I love this picture.


2011-04-24 044

He knew exactly what to do with his toothbrush—even though he’s never had his teeth brushed with a normal one. I’ve had a baby one up until now that is a little rubber thing that goes over my finger. He has watched me very closely, though, when I brush my teeth!


2011-04-24 068

Later he had fun playing in his room which included standing on his chair with blankie…


2011-04-24 074

…playing in his kitchen…


2011-04-24 084

…and taking clothes out of his dresser.


We had a great Easter and hope you did too!

A little bit of what Jace is into these days…

Blowing Kisses

2011-03-16 003


2011-03-19 002

(and sorting it into his cup holder)

2011-03-19 003

Getting big boy haircuts

2011-03-23 024

Watching Toby run around outside

2011-03-23 028

Looking up to his cousins

2011-03-25 002

2011-03-30 003

Trying to play Wii (and he carries a Wiimote all over our house, shaking it like he’s seen his cousins do while playing)

2011-03-30 004

Reading books

2011-04-01 002

More specifically: Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin. We read these OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again…

2011-04-01 004

Pulling diapers out of the box.

2011-04-10 0042011-04-10 0072011-04-10 010

Trying on baby girl shoes that Mommy makes

2011-04-10 016

Playing in his kitchen Josiah and Micah passed down to him

2011-04-13 003
2011-04-13 004

And just a whole lot of looking cute! He is walking all over the place, loves kissing Mommy, Daddy and Toby. Says “woof woof woof” for dog, “Blub blub blub” for fishy, and “ow” for kitty. Is really good at saying “no” and “stop.” He loves to be silly. He mimics everything I do—pulls credit cards out of my wallet and tries to swipe them, found an old check book, found a pen, and tried to write on them, and “types” on my old cell phone keyboard just like I do.

We’re having so much fun!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tip Toe Through the Tulips

Jace, Alex (my friend Katie’s son), Mary, Grandma Nelson and I went to the tulip farm in Woodburn on Tuesday. The weather was perfect.

Jace and Alex enjoyed the ride in Alex’s wagon
2011-04-12 001

Jace and Mommy out in the fields… my child is NOT a fan of the ground if it has grass on in, so he preferred pictures standing up.
2011-04-12 003

The lovely tulips.
2011-04-12 009

Mary and her boys.
2011-04-12 010

2011-04-12 011

Jace and Grandma… Jace was getting a little tired of having his picture taken.
2011-04-12 014

Self portraits work well for us. I love the look on his face in this picture. Nolan calls it his Zoolander look.
2011-04-12 021

Finally willing to smile as long as he was upside down (ignore the boogie in the nose).
2011-04-12 024

Jace was ok with sitting on an old tractor as long as he could touch a bolt.
2011-04-12 031

Once again touching a bolt…
2011-04-12 036

I love this one!
2011-04-12 038

…and the bolt…
2011-04-12 040

Can you tell they’re related or what???

I think he looks just a little like his grandma!