Tuesday, January 22, 2013

“No, I just want to play.”

2013-01-22 004

It’s hard to capture most of the everyday moments with Jace. He’s always too busy moving or changes his expression/task the moment I get out the camera. But today he was ok with me playing paparazzi, and I’m so glad I was able to capture some of the everyday Jace. I can’t believe he’s almost 3. Bluey, his blanket, is rarely far from him. After his nap, he came downstairs, laid down on the floor just inside the living room, and contentedly smelled Bluey—a calming thing he mostly does in bed.

2013-01-22 005

He moved as soon as he heard the camera focus, so his face isn’t as clear as his elbow here, but this is such a typical face. I just love it.

2013-01-22 008

This little boy loves to play. Lately we’ll say, “Jace, it’s time for breakfast/lunch/dinner.” And he’ll respond, “No, I just want to play.” Or, “Ok Jace, time to get ready for bed.” “No, I just want to play.” (Although play is said more like pway.)

2013-01-22 010

“Mommy, I have to pix (fix) my lego car.”

2013-01-22 013

You can always see him thinking. He’s a problem solver, a builder, and a creator.

2013-01-22 016

And he’s so literal. Potty training started yesterday, and I’d set the timer between trips to the bathroom. Nolan and I were telling him, “When the bell dings, then it’s time to go potty.” Problem was he took us so literally that he started peeing as soon as he heard the bell ding rather than wait until we got to the bathroom. Or, a few days ago, when I told him it was about time to potty train, he responded, “No Mommy, I don’t have a potty train. I have a red train, and a blue train…”

2013-01-22 017

I love how affectionate, sweet, comical and independent he is becoming. But at the same time, I’m so glad my little boy still loves to cuddle up with his Bluey and Nowie.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our Little Three Month Lady

**One of these days I’ll get around to documenting more than just Reese’s monthly updates!**


2013-01-05 010


How is it that our little girl is already three months old? I feel like time is flying by, but that I’m also able to really enjoy the days and moments with both Jace and Reese.


2013-01-05 013


This past month was a great one. She turned two months and it was as though she suddenly realized how wonderful it is to sleep, be content, and enjoy your bed! She is happy all day long and really only gets fussy if she’s sleepy or hungry. While her favorite place to be is still in our laps talking and smiling, she has learned to have fun playing on her ladybug (she can lay there looking at her toys and watching whatever is going on in the house for over an hour at a time!) or sitting in her swing and watching what’s going on in the living room.


2013-01-05 036


She has settled into a nice daily routine—taking a few light naps or a long nap while we run errands in the morning, a long (2-2.5 hrs) afternoon nap in her crib (yay for Mommy time since this is typically at the same time as Jace’s nap!), a shorter evening nap or two, and then she sleeps all night. That’s right, the little girl who loved staying up until 2 or 3 am last month now goes to bed by midnight and doesn’t wake up until 9 or 10 am! This Mommy is loving it. Her thumb has become a source of comfort and it’s thanks to that thumb that we’re having such great nights. I think the cutest thing ever is when she’s wearing her jacket in her carseat with her hood up and sucking on her thumb. Her little face looks so round!


2013-01-05 039


She loves to eat and will take milk however she gets it—not hesitation with a bottle. Feedings are typically every 3 hours, but once in a while she ups it to 2 or stretches to 4. I feel like I can actually get things done now that I’m not tied to feeding her constantly.


2013-01-05 051


She has chubby legs—her rolls make me giggle every time I change her diaper. She’s gaining weight well which surprises me considering how much she loses due to spit up after each feeding. So far the list of foods/drinks that upset her tummy when I eat them is: coffee, tea, pop, chocolate and possibly tomato based food. I’m hoping we’ll be able to get her on reflux medicine soon since Jace had the same issues.


2013-01-05 072


She and her brother still love each other. It’s so precious to watch Jace’s adoration of his sister stay just as strong, if not stronger, as it was when we brought her home. He loves to say, “That’s our baby. Her name is Reese.” Or, “Hi Reese!” Or, “I’ll call her Reesey.” Every morning when he comes into my room the first thing he asks is “Where’s Reese Mommy?” If only his love could transfer to his own physical awareness as he seems to be on the verge of majorly injuring her at all times.


first 3 mo


She giggled for the first time on December 26th. Nolan was playing with her downstairs while I got ready upstairs. She giggled so loud I could hear it and came running. She giggled again the next day, but since then has been easily amused and generous with smiles, but not so ready to laugh out loud again. But where she lacks in giggles she makes up for in talking. Any time she’s in Nolan’s lap it’s like she has to catch him up on her day.


Jace and Reese 3 mo


I love that both my babies look like siblings and have similar characteristics while also having their own unique features. I’m excited to see what this next month with Reese holds!