Saturday, July 25, 2009

A-Slippin'-and-a-slidin' with the Steiner Kids!

My sister-in-law, Anna, is on a mission trip in Mexico, so we're watching the kids for the weekend to give my brother a break (especially since he goes to church early on Sundays!). Uncle Nolan thought that it might be fun if we got a slip-n-slide instead of just running through the sprinklers... so after trips to three stores, we finally found one! The boys were so excited to use it. We now know why the recommended age is 5 and up. It took quite a few tries before Josiah finally mastered what you're supposed to do, and Micah finally just figured out how to slide on his knees. They still loved it though!

Cami didn't feel like playing in the water. Instead she had fun with Toby's leash, looking at the flowers, and going up and down the step.
Josiah finally figured out how to run and slide!

Micah finally figured out how to at least slide on his knees!

Micah wanted his towel wrapped around his waist

We set up the crib we got for our baby in the guest room, hoping Cami might respond better to it than the pack and play at nap time. She didn't, so we let the boys take their nap in our room instead of listening to her cry. When I came upstairs later, they were cuddled up like this, sound asleep!

We had a fun afternoon, then we had a nice evening at church, came home and all three kids had a blast playing with Toby in the backyard. It's so nice to have them not be scared of him anymore!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

He Passed!!!

Nolan finally received his results today from the exam he took in April to become a Professional Engineer! And, as I knew all along, he passed!