Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Josie My Friend!"

Josiah, Micah and Cami spent the night just two days after we got Josie. Poor Cami started the evening wrong by being frightened by the cats running by, and meeting Josie only furthered her fear. Josiah and Micah liked Josie as long as she didn't try to approach them. The boys even petted her while she chewed on a bone.

When I was driving them home, I asked Micah if he was scared of Josie, to which he responded, "I not scared of Josie! Josie my friend!"

"Are you sure, Micah?" I asked. "If she's your friend, why'd you scream when she came near you."

"I not scared of Josie," he responded. "Josie don't bite me!"

So while the friendship sure isn't full of warm fuzzies, at least it exists!

The Newest Member of our Family!

On January 14 we adopted a 2 or 3 year old (or so we think) Boxer/Lab mix who we named Josie. She's sweet and wonderful and already adores us. We got her from the Linn County Animal Control, and we're pretty sure she came from a nice family considering she loves kids and other animals. She gets SOOOO excited when we come home each day. She literally leaps through the air to get to us. The cats still don't like her, but at least they're developing a great curiosity about her!

Christmas Time!

We returned from Maryland the day after Thanksgiving, and the next morning we were off to find a Christmas tree. We found the best one yet!

Snow! We had lots of snow this year! We did have less in Albany than Salem, which meant I couldn't go to work but could still get around town. I loved how beautiful everything looked, yet Nolan didn't enjoy it as much since he still had to drive to work on the snowy days.

Christmas Eve was spent making Tree-Breads and watching my mom wrap all her Christmas presents. Our cats loved sitting among all the gifts! Then we went to the Christmas Eve service at Morning Star, followed by dinner with Nolan's sister and her husband, Rayanna and Jared. This year the Nelson family went with homemade gifts to save money, so I made each of the girls a messenger bag. Rayanna received her's first.

Christmas morning was just the two of us. I gave Nolan a GPS for his car, and he gave me several great gifts--the best being a gift certificate for a massage! Later my parents joined us, Nolan's brother Jared and his family stopped by, and then Tim and Mike came for the afternoon. Danielle and Madison are modeling the matching messenger bags I made them.

Christmas with the Steiners was celebrated on the 26th. Everyone came to our house. That night, Josiah, Micah and Cambria spent the night. The boys had fun watching a movie in our room before going to sleep. Nolan got a Bluray player from my parents--which he LOVED!

Because of the snow, we celebrated Christmas with the Nelsons on the 28th of December. Nolan's dad made him a bump board--a board used for a game that Nolan played with his Grandma when he was little.

Welcome to Our blog!

So normally I don't think young couples without kids have much to say on a blog... but then my mom pointed out today that there are people who would probably enjoy reading it, seeing what's going on in our lives, etc. So here you go!