Friday, May 25, 2012


Considering I haven’t blogged here in quite a while and never officially announced my pregnancy here either (but I’m guessing everyone who looks at this are either family/friends/know me on Facebook so it isn’t a surprise, right?), I thought some updates on our family were in order. Taking it from youngest to oldest…


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Our little lady is due October 4 and has a name! She will be Reese Elizabeth Nelson. I’ve actually been really blessed and have had five ultrasounds already (one at 6.5 weeks to confirm a heartbeat, 8 weeks for my first doctor appointment, 12 weeks because my doctor likes to check on the baby again, 16 weeks because a resident started my appointment and couldn’t find the heartbeat, and then 20 weeks to find out the gender and make sure everything was ok). It has been so fun to watch her growing and developing! She is right where she should be size-wise and everything about her ultrasound and my blood work was just as it should be. She’s a much calmer baby inside of me than Jace was—I tend to feel her moving when I first wake up, then again late morning, maybe a few kicks in the afternoon, and then something before bed every few days. The placenta is at the front of the uterus, adding another layer between her and my belly, as well as she’s sitting very low, so both of those factors make her harder for me to feel. We’re so excited for her and are making plans for a beautiful nursery!


2012-05-24 022

At almost 28 months old, our two-year-old is busy, funny, passionate, emotional, imaginative, adventuresome, whiney, sweet, expressive, verbal and bossy.

2012-05-16 001

He still loves his beloved Bluey (blanket) and Nowie (stuffed kitty). The other day I had pulled everything out of his bed to wash his sheets, Bluey and Nowie. He noticed his pillows on the floor, held out his hands from his sides and said, “Where’s Bluey?" Then started calling out, “Bluey! Where are you!?” He was only semi-okay with Bluey taking a bath.

2012-05-09 002

He LOVES playing outside, running after Toby, drawing with chalk, blowing bubbles and hitting our fence with his plastic golf clubs. The park is a special treat and leaving is always met with major tears and meltdowns. He likes to tell the things around him what to do. Right now he’s playing at his table, talking to his stuffed Clifford, “Criffer, sit in a Nahm-ing (Lightning from Cars) chair. Jace a-sit in a Nahm-ing chair too. Jace a-color pit-chur. Yew-oh crayon. Jace a-draw a hub-a-cop-cer (helicopter) with yew-oh crayon.” Gets up, walks around table, picks up Clifford. “Criffer! Sit in Nahm-ing chair!” Puts Clifford back, walks around the table and takes his seat again.

We find ourselves very entertained by him.


17 weeks

This picture is from a few weeks ago, but I don’t think I look too different now than I did then. I’m at 21 weeks now and enjoying this pregnancy now that I’m out of the first trimester and on heartburn medicine. I’ve been loving being a stay-at-home-mom and have so much fun filling my days with Jace. I’ve noticed my crafting/sewing has slowed down considerably since stepping down from work, but that could be partly due to pregnancy. I have a feeling it’ll be picking up quite a bit as we prepare for our little girl! I’ve been letting the writer in me have a voice again by starting a devotional-type blog called Satisfied with Adequate. Click HERE to check it out. I’m still having fun with my craft blog and have some fun sponsorship opportunities coming up. It’s pretty exciting to get paid for trying out craft products!


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Nolan is still loving his job with the City of Albany. It’s nice to see him heading into the summer season with construction projects to oversee and keep him busy, while also trying to find the time to design plans for upcoming projects. He’s much happier at work when he’s busy. His boss is very complimentary of the work he does—both directly to Nolan and in front of others, so that’s very affirming. We foresee a great future for him in this job! When he’s not working he’s an awesome daddy to Jace. They have so much fun building trains together, cuddling, playing a Dora game on the computer, and just talking with one another. He works so hard and keeps our yard looking nice (or getting it there at least), is the most loved teacher in the 9 am two-year-olds class at church (one of the dads jokingly calls Nolan his son’s other dad) and I respect him so much.

We’re looking forward to a fun summer since we’ll have the ability to do fun things on the weekends now that I’m not working. I have a feeling these upcoming months will fly by and then we’ll be a family of four!