Monday, January 11, 2010

Ready for this Baby!

The past few weeks have been full of getting ready for the baby. Our goal had been to have the nursery done before my parents arrived for Christmas. We were close--all the furniture was done and in place, I just needed to sew the curtains and put some things away. Thanks to help from my mom, we got the nursery cleaned up and looking good just in time to bring in lots and lots of gifts! Monday, January 4 was my church shower. I was so blessed by the love and generosity everyone showed us! My friends Katie and Mary coordinated the event and did a wonderful job. About 35 people were there.

Katie, Me and Mary

My mom and me in front of the cake. The shower date was selected so she'd be able to be in town for it, and I'm so glad she was! Also, we didn't plan to match :)

Aside from needing to find something to hang above the changing table, Jace's room is all finished! We found this changing table through Craigslist--it was a great deal and all it took was a fresh coat of paint to make it just like new.

The glider came from my brother and sister-in-law (thanks Dan and Anna!). It was the rocker they had for their sons and daughter. Once Jace comes, the bassinet will move into our room.

The crib we also found through Craigslist that Nolan painstakingly painted.

My mom made all the bedding for the crib and we love it!

The toy box Nolan's dad made for Jace. For now, though, we're using it to store clothes that he won't fit in yet.

The dresser we're using for Jace was purchased by my parents for my nursery when I was born.

The lamp was found before we knew if Jace was a boy or a girl, and the day we found out it was a boy, I called Nolan's mom and asked her to go to Homegoods and pick it up for his room!