Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Little Fort Building

We had another fun day with the boys today, and ended it with some web-camming with Mommy, Daddy and Uncle Tim. Sadly (although hilarious at the same time), Micah fell off the couch while talking to them. He was unharmed, but startled by it and really wanted Mommy. While it was nice to see her through the computer, he wanted the real thing. We finally had to say goodbye, which brought even more sobs, so it was Uncle Nolan to the rescue. While Josiah and I made a paper chain to count down the days until Mommy and Daddy come home, Nolan pulled up Dora the Explorer on Netflix online (we've watched a lot of Dora lately), and began to build a fort around Micah. After bath time, both boys needed their own forts to watch one final episode of Word World. All that to say, the night ended with smiles.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Storybook Land with Josiah and Micah

Josiah and Micah are staying with us for a few nights while Dan and Anna are in Maryland for the Army/Navy game (go Navy!). We'll hand them off to Anna's parents on Sunday after church. The boys have been great!

Some cute quotes:
-I picked up Micah Wednesday evening, so it was just him with me and Nolan that night. On Thursday we went to pick up Josiah after school, and when Micah realized we were getting Josiah he shouted, "I misseded Josiah!"
-Today we were on our way to drop Josiah off for school, and Josiah said, "I want to show you my teacher." I pointed out that that means I'd have to walk him into school instead of just dropping off at the door. "Oh, then how about next time. " I told him, "This is the only time I'm dropping you off at school. Do you want me to walk in with you?" He replied, "My head is telling me no, but I really want to show you my teacher." Finally he decided it was ok to have me walk in with him.

We thought it would be fun to go through Christmas Storybook Land at the fair grounds here in Albany. We weren't quite sure what it was all about, except that it was free and could be fun. The freezing rain hit right before we headed out, so we kind of ice skated in and ice skated out. Nolan was great and held both boys' hands so I wouldn't worry about getting pulled down. We were all bundled up and had a great time! The boys were so fun to watch as they ran from one display to the next. The whole thing was a winding path (indoors, thankfully) with all sorts of displaya for different stories--classic nursery rhymes to Disney movies to current cartoons. And at the end of it all--Santa! The boys were so excited to see Santa, and of course, told him they want StarWars toys for Christmas.

Hope Mommy and Daddy are having as much fun as we are!

In front of a Nutcracker at the beginning.

The four of us in front of the big Teddy Bear display.

Little buddies in front of the Teddy Bear Carousel. They were so excited about everything they saw.

Josiah pointing out the Lion King display to Micah, "Micah, it's your favorite!"

In front of the "Cars" display. Micah especially liked this one.

And they both were thrilled to see Sponge Bob.

Sitting on Santa's lap. Micah was very apprehensive before getting on his lap, and looked completely serious (and almost scared) until we told them to smile for the camera. We shuffled back out to the car and the enjoyed warming up with hot chocolate at home while watching Dora (or Dura as the boys say) the Explorer. This made me excited to make Christmas Storybook Land a tradition once Jace is old enough.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

We headed out the day after Thanksgiving for our annual tree hunt at Volsted Family Farms here in Albany. It was our fastest, happiest, easiest (aside from the tree lifting part) tree hunt yet! I had it pretty easy since the pregnancy makes me exempt from heavy lifting. I'm so thankful to have such a strong husband! Maybe next year we'll have to take Uncle Mike along to help carry the tree.

Nolan in his rain gear from work. We learned quickly a few years ago that this can help make laying on the ground under the tree to cut it down much more pleasant. I think he looks cute in his rain gear :)

On the wagon ride out to the tree lot. Volsted's is huge with two very large tree lots!

Nolan with our beautiful tree! We got a Nordman for the second year in a row.

Me with the tree. Crazy to think next year we'll have a visible baby with us!

We loved having the Pilot with a roof rack to tie the tree onto. In the past we've had to use Nolan's work truck.
The final product. Notice that Nolan has already bought and wrapped two gifts for me. I once told him that I think every Christmas tree looks better with presents under it, so he's always quick to put some under our tree. Such a sweet husband.
On a baby note--Jace is growing nicely and has a great heart rate. He enjoys pushing and wiggling, and especially likes to push his little rear out.