Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big Boy Shoes

Our first cool day in a while led me to the realization that we don’t have any non-sandals that fit Jace. I’ve been wanting to buy him some Converse tennis shoes for a while, so I figured now was the perfect time.


2011-09-13 039


It’s crazy how a pair of big boy shoes were able to age Jace so quickly.


2011-09-13 018


He looks taller.


2011-09-13 040


He looks older.


2011-09-13 044


He walks more purposefully.


2011-09-13 046


He uses more words. (He kept saying “Wa!" Wa!” for walk.)


2011-09-13 059


He’s aging too quickly.


2011-09-13 080


He knows what he wants and is all about independence.


2011-09-13 086


At least growing older also means loving Daddy more and more.


2011-09-13 088


You really can’t beat a family walk, can you?


2011-09-13 092


I think right now is my favorite stage so far. Now to just stop him from growing up so quickly.