Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Five Months!

I’m a little late in getting this posted, but we did take these pictures on the day she turned 5 months!

2013-03-05 034

I’m not quite sure how this little lady has become five months so quickly! While it feels like she’s been in our family longer than that, I don’t feel like she should be any older or larger than a one month old yet. She’s is growing and changing so quickly these days!

2013-03-05 090

She LOVES her feet! It was almost impossible to get a picture of her on her back without those little chubby hands grabbing for those little chubby feet. She also loves to flip over onto her tummy. She’s very capable of rolling back over, but would rather get mad and have us flip her over.

2013-03-05 104

She is still an incredible sleeper—waking 12 hours after we put her to bed. She has settled into the routine of an 8 pm bedtime and if I dare hesitate a few minutes past that to start our routine she lets us know that she is not happy! She’s pretty good at naps too—we’ve just settled into a nap routine of a 30-40 minute nap about an hour after she gets up in the morning, a 1-2 hour nap in the afternoon, and an evening catnap if the afternoon nap is early or short.

2013-03-05 130

She has plenty of rolls on her thighs and those arms are gaining chub daily. I just love it! She started on reflux meds on February 14 and they have made such a difference by reducing her spit up and making her more comfortable while she eats. I still can’t have any dairy in my diet, but I have been able to add chocolate and coffee back in which makes me happy! We started solids when she turned 5 months and she LOVES it! So far she’s had rice cereal, veggie mix, green beans and squash and loved them all. She hums while eating.

2013-03-05 148

This little lady sparkles. She loves to get your attention and then smile so big. She’s still pretty reserved with the giggles, but very willing to squeal in delight. Her brother gets the most laughs from her.

2013-03-05 165

She LOVES her exersaucer and treats it like a jumperoo. She’ll stand straight legged in it and then quickly tuck her legs to make herself drop and bounce in it and set everything rocking and does it over and over again like she’s jumping.

2013-03-05 169 2

In the past week she’s become so curious—rolling toward and reaching for everything that catches her eye, quickly and easily bored if there isn’t enough around to entertain her, and wiggling non stop.

2013-03-05 174

She definitely lives up to her name, which means “enthusiasm.”

5 mo collage

Oh how quickly she’s growing up!

jace and reese 5 mo

And for fun—a little side by side of Jace and Reese at 5 months.


Empty Nesters said...

I have been looking forward to this post! More pics I hadn't seen before are always welcome!!! Just want to run over and hold her!!!

Brazenlilly said...

Please oh please can I babysit?!