Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Making of our Family Christmas Picture

Getting the perfect picture for our Christmas card this year proved to be a little more complicated than I expected.


2012-12-05 073


I started by getting the kids dressed up in their cute Christmas jammies and attempted to wrap lights around them all cute. But the lights didn’t cooperate, and neither did their expressions or limbs.


2012-12-05 079


They just didn’t look like the image I had in my head.


2012-12-05 085


So then we tried a few sitting in front of the tree. The lighting was great…


2012-12-05 087


…but even with taking a ton, this was the best I got and it just wasn’t the perfect picture I was hoping for. So then we planned a day to pick up Nolan on his lunch break and go to a park near his office and use the tripod and my remote for the camera to take the pictures. I had the kids dressed cute, liked my hair, was on time to pick up Nolan, got the camera all set up and realized I left the memory card at home.


2012-12-09 029


Between the rain and Nolan’s schedule there weren’t any other lunch breaks that would work, so we attempted an evening shoot in our living room. Without the tripod being able to be directly above us, or someone to tell us where to sit so it would look good, and a VERY cranky baby, rebellious 2 year old and exhausted Daddy, the pictures just weren’t what I was hoping for.


2012-12-09 074


A shot in front of the tree was nice, but I still had hopes of something frameable that might pass as a professional picture.


2012-12-12 025


Another attempt at cute jammies pictures turned into Jace biting Reese on the cheek. I couldn’t help but laugh when I looked through the pictures and found this one of Jace just before he bit her! From the viewfinder of the camera, I thought he was giving kisses.


Family Picture 2012 angled


Nolan ended up having some overtime and took a [relatively] dry afternoon off work and we finally had success with our family photo! (And we triple checked to make sure the memory card was in the camera.) There was plenty of bribery going on to get Jace to cooperate!


family picture 2012 2 5x7


And now I’m so happy to have a good family picture of the four of us!

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